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Struggling to generate sustainable traffic that relies on your brand? A little fine-tuning in your SEO approach could make tons of a difference if done right.The dynamic SEO team of CSM Bangladesh is the best at what they do. By utilizing up-to-date technology, we will come up with the most effective search engine optimization strategy for your business.

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Our Core SEO Services

In 2023, SEO has become more efficient for a business than ever before. Everyone knows that the right search engine optimization strategy can increase traffic to your website. But more importantly, it is a great tactic for targeting the most effective leads for your business. Although, the most effective SEO plan includes more than one single technique

If we imagine search engine optimization as a tree, there are also some major branches of it that complete the design. When these branch techniques are combined together perfectly, they forge a highly functional lead conversion system for your website

CSM Bangladesh also follows an SEO sitemap that is similar to this idea. Our campaigns include primary services to optimize your website such as:

SEO Audit

In our SEO Audit sessions, we analyze the performance history of our client’s website thoroughly. By matching the performance with their current competitors’, we come to a decision on how we are going to improve their current performance.

seo audit
onpage seo

Onpage SEO

While conducting the on-page SEO, we carefully scrutinize how effectively your website is representing your business. In the next step, we decide which of your website's pain points requires the most focus.

Image Optimization

In this phase, we decide on the perfect size and resolution of the images for your website. Also, if the pictures really match the context they represent.

image optimization
technical seo

Technical SEO

Our Technical SEO approach thrives to ensure the best user experience for the target audience. These procedures include fixing broken links and some other similar methods.

Link Building

Link building is an off-page SEO tactic that is used to build a strong online presence for your business. By following certain procedures, we thrive to increase the authority and trust of your brand.

Link Building
local seo

Local SEO

By implementing keywords based on your targeted local area, we ensure that your website and its content are sure to rank in the top search results.

Why Are SEO Services Vital For Your Business?

Just like any other marketing method, the effectiveness of SEO services too depends on how consistently it is done. When all of its key components are maintained and nurtured for long enough, it can bring growth to your business like never before. A few reasons behind this efficacy are discussed below:

Keyword Research

Focusing on the right keywords will increase your chance to rank better on google search results pages.

Improved Search Ranking

Reaching the top positions of google SERPs will bring a significant amount of traffic to your site, resulting in more

High Conversion Rate

Our services will help increase your conversion rate, resulting in sustainable business growth.

Personalized Marketing

The more personalized your SEO plan will be, the more effective it will be.

seo importance

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As a business owner or manager, your top priority must be finding the right SEO service agency who knows how to drive the best results. If it is the same in your case, choosing CSM Bangladesh is going to be the best choice for you

Generating the Best Leads

For the past 5 years, CSM Bangladesh has been successfully capable of generating more than 840K leads for its valuable clients. We are also proactively working on improving the efficiency of our services to make them better with every passing moment.

An All-In-One SEO Solution

Our client base of 550+ businesses is thriving each and every day with the assistance of our SEO packages. If you appoint us to this task we will handle your web development needs such as Website SEO audits, Keyword research, Image optimization & On-page SEO.

Other Relevant Services

We would love to add that, SEO services are not the only thing that we have expertise in. Designing Landing Pages, content-oriented Graphic Designing and writing dynamic, SEO-friendly Content also fall under the category of our area of expertise. We will manage all of these web development needs for achieving the revenue growth that your business needs and deserves.

get seo done

If these are all the criteria that you’re looking for in an agency that will serve your business, CSM Bangladesh has all these covered for you. If you need to improve a currently existing SEO Campaign, CSM Bangladesh can help you achieve that as well. Just contact us online or give us a call at 8801780222020 to talk more in detail. Nothing makes us happier than helping your business hit your targeted growth. Let us be the one who takes responsibility for growing your brand’s online presence

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"Designed for small business with single service"

  • 15 Primary Keyword Research
  • 15 page optimization
  • Phone/Email/Chat/Online
  • By-Weekly Reporting
  • Site Analysis
  • Dedicated SEO Team
  • Client Portal
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"Designed for moderately competitive business operating in multiple market"

  • 25 Primary Keyword Research
  • 25 page optimization
  • Phone/Email/Chat/Online
  • By-Weekly Reporting
  • Site Analysis
  • Dedicated SEO Team
  • Client Portal
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"Designed for business in a highly competitive market."

  • 40 Primary Keyword Research
  • 35 page optimization
  • Phone/Email/Chat/Online
  • By-Weekly Reporting
  • Site Analysis
  • Dedicated SEO Team
  • Client Portal
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Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO service is an online marketing strategy that helps your website and its content rank better in search engine results pages (SERP).

SEO optimizes search engine factors that directly affect search results. By doing this, an SEO specialist makes sure that your website is crawled and indexed properly.

By analyzing website data properly, an SEO expert optimizes web elements that help the entire website and its content to rank better in google.

Depending on the type of business, it might take a quarter to a month to see an increase in organic traffic.

There are some factors that decide how much SEO services will cost you. These factors are usually related to the intensity of work, coverage and other similar facts.

It might take a long time for SEO campaigns to bring solid results. Depending on the consistency of the strategy, a minimum term of 6 months is recommended.

Running an SEO campaign fruitfully requires an extensive amount of knowledge and tools. Without years of experience, it might not be a very great idea to do it by yourself.

The right SEO company will explain clearly what you need to do to improve your search results. Make sure that you trust them to get the job done for you by analyzing their approach and deciding if it is transparent enough for you.

The right SEO company will explain clearly what you need to do to improve your search results. Make sure that you trust them to get the job done for you by analyzing their approach and deciding if it is transparent enough for you.

The results from PPC are directly related to the money you invest. When the investment starts running low, the traffic also starts decreasing. On the other hand, SEO will keep generating traffic for you even after the work on your website has been finished.