Brand Identity Package Designing Services

Try to associate your favorite brand with something. What comes first to your mind? A logo, package branding, colors, or, maybe, an elegant font used for a company’s name? These are all branding elements included in a standard branding kit known as the brand identity package.

Central Station Marketing Bangladesh is your go-to company for unique and functional brand identity package designing.

Top 10 Services of a Brand Identity Package Designing

Brand Identity Pack

A branding package is a collection of digital, printed, or physical resources used to create a uniform image of a brand. It consists of separate branded items united with the same style and ideas. The 10 most commonly included services in a brand identity package designing are:

  1. Logo Design: Logo and brand design are tightly intertwined since any logo is an inherent part of visual brand identity.
  2. Color Palette: A unique color palette has a significant influence on your brand image and perception.
  3. Email Templates: Nowadays, a huge number of business operations happen online. Hence, it’s almost impossible to keep the leading market position if you don’t use emails as one of your marketing channels.
  4. Website: A stylish, convenient, and informative website is something any company cannot live without.
  5. Typography: For a seamless multifaceted branding experience, it’s advised to use customized fonts.
  6. Letterhead: If you send a lot of email attachments or use direct mail marketing, a customized letterhead is non-negotiable.
  7. Brochure: Most brochures contain the logo, slogan, services, advantages, and contact information of a company. It is a perfect mix that covers the informational needs of an average target audience.
  8. Business Cards: Your company size and type of services have absolutely no impact on the necessity to use business cards. It’s a must-have.
  9. Package Design: Packages have a strong influence on the decision-making process. Furthermore, people often buy something only because they like its look.
  10. . Brand Guidebook: Also known as Brand Style Guide. A brand guide is a comprehensive rulebook with all specifications related to your brand. In particular, it will include your mission, vision, core values, company voice, logo, typography, and principles.

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