CSM Bangladesh through Employees' Lenses

CSM Bangladesh is more than just a company. It values the emotions of its employees and emphasizes teamwork which further strengthens the bond between the employees. Here at CSM Bangladesh, while being the best at what the employees do, they don't fail to socialize and create cherishable memories. Let's have a peek at some of our precious moments-

Recent Events

One Dish Party

One Dish Party

At CSM Bangladesh Ltd., we cherish sharing and togetherness. Our "One-Dish Party" is a time when employees showcase their culinary talents, bringing homemade delights filled with love. It's a celebration of our diversity, with each dish representing our collective talents and tastes. With every bite, we enjoy the bond we share.

Cox Bazar Trip - 2024

Cox Bazar Trip - 2024

At CSM Bangladesh, we value team bonding and a positive work environment. That's why we organize yearly trips for our team to bond and have fun. We enjoyed exciting marine drives, parasailing, and live concerts, along with delicious seaside dinners, creating lasting memories and boosting our team spirit.

Pitha Utshob

Pitha Utshob

Our office's "Pitha Utshob" was a delightful celebration of traditional Bangladeshi cuisine and culture. The air was filled with the aroma of freshly cooked "pithas", evoking memories of home and warmth. We gathered around festive decorations, filled with laughter and joy. It was a time of togetherness, sharing not only delicious "pithas" but also stories and friendship.

Farewell Programs

Whenever any of our fellow employees leave the company, we make sure they leave with a smile on their faces! We arranged a few farewell programs for our ex-employees, cherishing the good moments we had with them here at CSM Bangladesh.

Mitul's farewell

Mitul, Former Content Writer

Tanjum Ara Mitul was a very talented and hardworking member of the content team in CSM Bangladesh. We wish her all the best in her new venture!

Bikash's farewell

Bikash, Former Graphics Designer

No matter what the task was, our former graphics designer Bikash Hijam would do it with ease! Team CSM Bangladesh wishes him all the good luck.

Tanmim's farewell

Tanmim, Former Content Writer

Tanmim Shah was a member of the content team of CSM Bangladesh. Her expertise in writing was great, to say the least. All the best wishes for her new journey!

What Is It Like to Be A Part of The CSM Bangladesh Team?

Working at CSM Bangladesh is not just about writing content, graphics designing, establishing social media marketing plans, or handling SEO, it is also about honesty, hard work, and devotion to excellence. We believe in helping our employees and their families. We attempt to establish a work-life balance and treat our employees with respect.

Our Core Values

Logo Beyond

Going Above & Beyond

Employees here at CSM Bangladesh are always prepared to walk the extra mile for the satisfaction of the client.

Integrity logo

Rigid Integrity

With the trust of people, our service is always top-notch.

logo work environment

Friendly Work Environment

The work environment is one of the most important factors directly related to productivity, and CSM Bangladesh has made sure to keep the work environment friendly.

logo team work

Relentless Team Work

Being a family, the employees in CSM Bangladesh foster the habit of "teamwork" which always leads to a better outcome.