Suraiya Fardous

Content Editor

Employed Since: 2022-09-15

Date of Birth: June 03rd

Personal Site:

Hometown: Dhaka

Hobbies: Reading on interesting topics, practicing yoga, listening to music, trying new cuisines, watching movies and series

Certifications: MBA

Suraiya Fardous

Content Editor

About Suraiya Fardous:

Suraiya is working for the content team of CSM Bangladesh. Being a team player, she works with CSM’s talented writers to deliver quality content to clients. Suraiya utilizes her background in digital writing and editing to help content climb the SERPs. She is always up for learning new skills and polishing her creativity.

Suraiya completed her graduation major in Marketing and HRM from American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB). Her post Graduation was from IBA-Jahangirnagar University. Before CSM, she worked as a content strategist for 3+ years.

Off the clock, she is either window shopping in her favorite malls or trying new restaurants around the city. She believes in promoting smaller acts of kindness to make the world a better place.