Ahsun Habib

Khandaker Ahsun Habib

Front-End Developer

Employed Since: 2022-01-05

Date of Birth: October 21st

Personal Site: https://ahsunhabib.com/

Hometown: Pirgacha, Rangpur

Hobbies: Reading book, watching movie, travelling, badminton play, singing, poem recitation, acting, you tubing, and more.

Certifications: Completed Graduation and Post-Graduation in Islamic Studies Department from Rajshahi University. Diploma in Java Enterprise Edition from IsDB IT Scholarship Project.

Khandaker Ahsun Habib

Front-End Developer

About Khandaker Ahsun Habib:

Khandaker Ahsun Habib has led a fantastic career as a software engineer, content writer, and front-end developer throughout his one year of employment in various IT or web marketing industries.

He is a great leader of the production team of CSM Bangladesh Ltd. and serves as the front-end developer. His dedication to this position has assisted CSM Bangladesh Ltd. in enhancing their client's website and productivity.

Khandaker Ahsun Habib served as a content writer for our content team before moving on to his current position at CSM Bangladesh Ltd. Before joining our team, he worked as a software engineer in another company from April to December 2021.

He has various types of skills, which are:
** Dart and flutter Expert
** Expert in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.
** Photoshop and Illustrator
** Corel Video Studio and Filmora
** Has expertise in Microsoft Office (word, excel, access, PowerPoint)
** Was presenter in Bangladesh, Betar Rajshahi
** Fluency in English Language his plus point.